Author: Davin Granroth

  • “Click Here,” MS Outlook, Seriously?

    “Click here” is at best a hint for folks who are befuddled by text that is blue and underlined. It is needlessly redundant. When you are tempted to use it, revise your language, and we’ll all be better off. Microsoft has carelessly provided us this example.

  • Five-Time Inc. 5000 Honoree: Covenant Eyes

    While I don’t often write about work on my blog, I’m happy to share the news that Covenant Eyes made the Inc. 5000 list again this year, now having made it 5 times since 2010. Congratulations Covenant Eyes on pursuing your worthy mission with successful business practices! And while not an official award, shows…

  • Married

    On New Year’s Eve 2014, I married Amy Grace McNeil, now Amy Granroth. The service was at the Davison Assembly of God church in Davison, Michigan, and we had great help from Amy’s family and friends. They prepared everything: the church decorations, the food, cake, corsages, flowers, music—everything. It was great to have so much…

  • Law to require legislators to read bills before voting

    When we the people elect members of Congress to represent us, shouldn’t we expect that our representatives read the text of a law before they decide how they should vote on it? Anything less is willful ignorance and a disservice to our country.

  • On Leading Organization-wide Change

    In October 2014, I was asked to share how I have led organizational changes at Covenant Eyes. The following text is from an e-mail message I wrote in response to that question, covering design thinking, decision making, asking better questions, and influencing behavior in order to reach shared understanding.

  • The 5 most important texts for a business leader

    These are the books, or in one case an essay, that I think every leader in a business should study. This is not an academic list paying homage to some MBA syllabus. Rather, if you want a business that has a healthy culture, that is profitable, that is sustainable, and that delivers real value, the…

  • Vacation, end of the day swimming in Portage Lake

  • Vacation, camp fire

  • Being competitive

    The key to being competitive is to compete. Last weekend I shot in the National Pistol Matches, specifically the President’s 100 and the National Trophy Individual match. Wow, was I ever not competitive! My final scores were very nearly middle of the pack, out of the approximately 475 competitors. While I would have liked to…

  • In pursuit of paper

    I pay attention to paper that I use for printing. Trivial? Maybe, yet I do care. I care about the paper weight, brightness, dimensions, finish, and sometimes even what the paper fibers feel like. There seems to be a variety of fibers in paper, and, my, isn’t that interesting? Yet, although I care about these…