Author: Davin Granroth

  • Signing and Encrypting E-mail on Mac OS X 10.6 Using Self-Signed Certificates

    A few years ago I wrote about using Thawte’s personal e-mail signing certificates for setting up secure S/MIME encryption with Apple Mail. Well, Thawte, so I understand, is phasing out that service. So, I’ve been wondering how to do self-signing on the Mac to set up S/MIME encrypted e-mails. This evening, I found out. Credit […]

  • Google Analytics for WordPress (version 4.09) trips HTML validation when tracking outbound links

    When I write HTML, running code through the W3C Validator is part of my process. If the code doesn’t pass the validator, there’s a slim chance I’ll consider that code ready for anything. So after I upgraded this blog to WordPress 3.01’s Twenty Ten theme, I was mildly irritated to find that I had a […]

  • Thoughts on Richard Saul Wurman’s Why Design Now talk

    Richard Saul Wurman, author of “Information Architects” and founder of the TED conference, spoke at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum‘s “Why Design Now” event. This is that talk. Wurman emphasizes that so much is designed, even the questions that we ask. To illustrate, at one point he asked Bill Moggridge, who was attending as the […]

  • I got to help UXmatters with print styling

    A few months ago I contacted UXmatters online magazine to let them know of a problem I had printing out articles with Firefox. The first page would print, but that was all. I could switch to Safari and print fine, but that just didn’t seem right. I found out that they were a little shorthanded […]

  • IxDA Lansing kickoff featured speaker Dan Klyn

    Last night was the inaugural event for IxDA (Interaction Design Association) Lansing, and information architect Dan Klyn presented “The Nature of Information Architecture.” Presentation overview Dan’s presentation was both informative and controversial. He provided some nice background on the naming of the field of information architecture, citing Richard Saul Wurman phrasings at the 1976 AIA […]

  • More vacation photos

  • Photos from Canyon Falls near Baraga, MI

    On our drive to my parents’ house in the Keewenaw, we stopped at Canyon Falls and hiked into the woods for a little sight-seeing. Enjoy the photos!

  • Visit to Camp Perry 2010

    On Saturday I made it down to the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, OH to visit my dad (Ron Granroth), old shooting buddy Bob Gardner, and the Springfield Armory/Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club Junior Pistol team. Congratulations to the junior team on winning the .22 caliber Junior championship! (These junior shooters went through the Ottowa Sportsmen’s […]

  • How to seek and destroy organizational silos

    After I was put in charge of a newly created user experience department, a young professional gravely warned me about silos. He had argued against the new department because it would just create another silo in the company. The passion of the warning gave the impression that this silo threat was real, imminent, and inescapable […]

  • Stop the stopwatch, UXers!

    Recently, I watched a series of people observe informal usability tests. Two of the observers have recently graduated with Masters degrees in HCI or an adjacent field. Both recent graduates used a watch to record time-on-task and completion of the task. One actually broke out a stopwatch while the other referred to his wristwatch. While […]