Author: Davin Granroth

  • Indenting blocks of code in Dreamweaver

    It is nice when you discover something new and useful in a piece of software you’ve been using for years. For instance, this past week I discovered that in the Code View in Dreamweaver MX, you can highlight a big block of code and tab the whole thing to the right, uniformly, by pressing TAB.…

  • Trackpad button fix on clamshell iBook

    A couple months ago I installed new hard drive in Chey’s laptop, a tangerine iBook of the clamshell variety. In the process I managed (why does this sound like a confession to me?) to fracture the ribbon between the trackpad and the mainboard, disabling the trackpad button. So, after trying to fix it and failing,…

  • Visual music searches

    This is cool. I searched for “Robert Johnson.” The image above is a very small snippet of what came up. The map it creates represents other artists in the genre, as well as nearby genres. Size of circle indicates performer popularity or influence.

  • Prankster billboard

    SMS Sensitive Billboard Douses Passersby A German billboard has been set up to douse nearby pedestrians with water using an automatic sprinkler system that’s triggered by SMS, according to a report by Poynter. The advertiser, Gardena, bought a large poster space outside the Dortmund train station. The billboard and a companion Web site, which promote…


    Need to search the Web for something? Try this instead of Google (okay, I know you’ll end up back at Google, but this is cool, so try it once): It shows your search results as a cluster diagram. So, for instance, if you search for our dear, lovable old “Noel Heikkinen,” you’ll find clusters…

  • So, as the follower I am, I too took the personality quiz

    Here’s the wisdom it has passed on. So

  • Sort or search your email?

    So, my inbox has 294 messages in it right now. When it gets to around 500 or so I usually go on a crusade to bring it to under 100. This involves throwing messages into folders and deleting lots and lots of no longer important ones that I won’t need. So, this concept of not…

  • Summer/city blues, part two

    So, we’re outside now (this is after the events of the last post have taken place). Chey is planting and weeding the gardens. Lila is riding on her bicycle with a child from the other end of the culd-de-sac. I’m walking around with Eva. Some cars pull up to a house a couple doors down,…

  • Summer/city blues

    We’re surrounded by people who set off fireworks

  • Hm, a bug.

    So, the background color isn’t showing in the Flash movie at the top. Any ideas? It wouldn’t have to do with the fact that it is not one of the sacrosanct web-safe colors, I would hope. Not sure. Using #eef. Eventually the fading photo thing will be working on each photo section. In time.