Congratulations to the Junior Pistol Team from the Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club

A group of young pistol shooters from the Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan performed well at the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, this past week.

The following is an excerpt from an email report from my father, who has been coaching the young shooters.

There were 18 Sharpshooter Class teams entered in the National’s and our boys beat all of them, along with 25 “Expert” teams and one Master Class team!!  The team captain was Pat Miller and the shooters were led by Sam Gardner, with a total of 814-15X (900) for the 3 team matches, followed by Jeff Tuomi with a score of 797-8X,  Kurt Szyszkoski with a 790-18X and Ben Granroth with a score of 758-11X.

2 responses to “Congratulations to the Junior Pistol Team from the Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club”

  1. wow.
    how cool.
    congrats to the U.P. team.
    your fam must be reeling with chest bumping coolness – (then again, knowing you, maybe only having a nice grin!!!)
    way to go.

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