Too hot to sleep, too tired to work

It’s hot and muggy upstairs. Our window AC keep shorting out the circuit. It hasn’t done that before.

So, instead of sleeping, I came down here to fiddle around. Or doodle. Or twiddle. Well, the point is, I wasn’t going to work because I’m so tired I figured I’d screw something up.

I almost ran off the road on the way home a couple hours ago, if that’s any indication. I was going through an intersection, making a left turn, and wasn’t turning enough. I suddenly realized I was heading rather perpendicular to the curb. So, I woke up and drove, and the next two interesections were just peachy.

So, the point is this: I’ve started redesigning this site again, but it’s halfway there. The comment pages and what-not are probably whacked. So, I’ll get to it when I’m more awake.

Note: Someone ask me later if I should leave the archive links in. Seriously. Has to do with spiders, I think. If the archives are gone, is there another way for them to crawl to all the posts?

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