katsup; ketchup; catsup; catch-up

So, here’s the skinny (isn’t that funny, coming from me)!

Classes have started at LCC. I teach Tue and Thurs. I’m not gonna tell you when or where. I know some of you can’t resist an opportunity to heckle.

Classes went well last week and I am really, really excited! I love teaching. So much. I should do it all the time.

anyway. Still working the other job. yep.

Watched the olympics. LOVE it. I am such a couch potato that I really get excited watching other people expend energy for my entertainment.

Looking for a small group. I would like to do an inductive study (whole bible) on prayer and a talking to God. Any takers? We thought about stopping in to the “Young Couples” meeting thing at Steve and Evie’s on Sunday but apparently, we are not young or a couple. . .wait.

Anyway, today is my birthday. John and Elizabeth got me a cake. Davin took me to lunch at Chang’s. YOU didn’t call me. It’s my birthday for, crying out loud!

Just kidding. Comment. I’m feeling a little out of the loop working so much.

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  1. Happy Birthday Chey. Hey we should get together and do something fun for our belated birthdays (mine was last week!)I would love to do some type of Bible study. Email me with more on what you are thinking. Talk to you later.


    MAy the Lord bless you with peace and joy and good happiness stuff.


  3. Hippo birdie two ewes.
    Hippo birdie two ewes.
    Hippo birdie two ewes.
    Hippo birdie dear Chey.
    Hippo birdie two ewes.

    I hope I didn’t make any grammatical errors! Oh, and bee-lated, too. Why is it birthdays are te noly thing that we regularly belate?

  4. No comment on the grammar HONZ. And thanks for the belations.

    I didn’t know your birthday was in August, Cindy. I just emailed you about some diapers. Let me know! We should go to Douglas J and lay around for a while or we could take a rock climbing class together. I really want to try that.

    The bible study. silly phrase. I think I may blog it. Getting together only every other week or so. We are all busy people. I’m gonna go ahead and start at the beginning. Genesis, that is. and Just look through for references to prayer or conversations with God and study them. I might use bible search engines on line and concordances. I don’t want to get bogged down in leviticus or the like. what do you think, folks? Interested?

  5. Well, well. Remember when I bought you lunch last week and said it was for your birthday because you know I would forget your birthday when it actually came around? And look what happened. I dun forgot it. Happy belated.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We should celebrate together – I didn’t know yours was so close! Our birthdays are two days apart. And Dan’s is too. I hope that you had a good day! But then, any day at PF Changs is good.

  7. That is so true, Melissa. And I went and walked around the Mall. I actually bought myself some stuff at Bath and Body Works. Yeah.

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