Why your movable type blog must die.

So Noel has this interesting link to a rant about how movable type sucks and bloggers, that is, people who blog, suck, etc. Now not being a technocrat I don’t understand much of the ranting but I find it really amusing that people can get that bent out of shape about someone else’s personal journal.

Davin likes to remind me that there is such a thing as a BLACK WEB, which, I guess, means that there are zillions (that is a technical term) of sites and pages out there that search engines, bots and people simply cannot find or access due to bad code or intentional obscurity.

I love that concept. I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart.

The thought of hidden stuff is exhilarating; even though I know most of it is probably like the site I had to build for my English 453 class in college. BAD! Either way, Ranting will not stop the flow or stem the tide and movable type works for dingbats like me (and apparently, Noel). SO, MOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you angry ranter. I shake my fist at you with indignation.

Gotta go. Grading papers.

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  1. Hm. Misquoted again.

    The Dark (not Black) Web simply refers to those web pages that are out there, yet are not linked to or otherwise advertised, thus virtually unfindable.

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