The LCTTP interview went really well

Today I had the second interview with MSU LCTTP. I think it went well.

I gave a presentation on usability testing for web sites; I tried to provide the context of where user testing fits into the big picture of web site development, then I actually ran a quick user test to demonstrate how to do one. Then we discussed it.

It seemed to me like everyone was engaged and I hope they learned something. The feedback I got was quite positive.

I’m one of the two candidates they called back for second interviews. I hope they make an offer soon, but it is the university so I won’t be surprised if it takes longer.


Second interview with MSU LCTTP

I have a second interview set up with the people at MSU‘s LCTTP. The position is for an instructor position, teaching mostly web development skills with an emphasis on database-driven web sites.

I’m really looking forward to the interview. They asked me to give a twenty minute presentation on one of the following: Fundamentals of Web Development, XHTML, Web Accessibility or Usability, Access Database Design.

Of course, the fourth option went out immediately. I’ve used Access enough to know that I don’t like it (it has screwed me out of MANY production hours in the past).

I chose the Usability option. I’m excited. I have a great plan for the presenation. They’re gonna walk out at the end, share a look and immediately decide to make an offer. (Or, I hope they will anyway.)


Field-tested veteran Web Professional.

  • Black belt in xhtml, css, and rapid iterative web production
  • Special-Ops duty in the full gamut of web human interface design tactics
  • Guerilla fighter in web site/app usability. ROI! Hu-Rah!
  • Top-secret clearance. I build the stuff you don’t get to look at.
  • Field-commander on reconnaissance and tactical-strike web missions.
  • Scrambled and led teams of highly trained and dangerous web production operators on time-sensitive, critical missions.

Do you have a web site that went FUBAR? Do you frequently run into web site SNAFUs?

You can’t afford to not hire me. 517-331-0872. Review my resumé.


Cold calling for jobs

I just cold-called Tec-Ed, Inc., inquiring about a position. Tec-Ed is a usability company in Ann Arbor. I didn’t know they existed until I saw them listed on the Usability Professionals Association web site. Unfortunately, during the call the person I spoke with mentioned they had just hired someone last week. Dang. Here’s hoping they’re in the market for another usability professional.


Yet another interview with Sircon

That’s right, I have another interview scheduled with Sircon for the end of the week. I’ve lost count of how many this makes. Seven? This is kind of absurd. I’m trying to look at it with a mixture of humor and undestanding (It’s not like I’ve just interviewed for a single position; it’s been more like four that I know of).


Interviews, more interviews

Well, I just finished another interview with some folks at Sircon. It’s gotta be my fifth interview with them by now.

Also, I have an interview on Thursday of this week for an instructor position with LCTTP at Michigan State University. I think I could really enjoy that job. I’m looking forward to the interview.


Job hunting

Here is a partial list of jobs applied for so far. An asterisk (*)indicates a position that I have already interviewed for.

  • *Project Manager at Sircon (position closed)
  • *Programmer Analyst positions at Sircon
  • *Web/Graphic designer position at Sircon
  • Senior Information Architect at Avenue A | Razorfish
  • Senior Information Architect at Fry, Inc.
  • Assistant Director at the Usability and Accessibility Center at Michigan State University
  • *Usability Consultant/Project Manager at Spartan Internet Consulting, Inc.
  • Consultant/Architect with EDS.
  • An instructor position with MSU’s LCTTP (short technology courses for MSU faculty and staff)
  • A few other lower-level web developer/web master positions, including one with an MSU department and another with a multimedia agency in Ann Arbor.

If you or someone you know might be interested in hiring me, take a look at my resume on my MSU pages.


I’m in the market for a job

While running Envision Internet Consulting for the last few years has really been fun, the income is just too inconsistent to raise a family on. So, I’m in the market for a regular job. It will be odd after this stretch of self-employment (you other self-employed folks know what I’m talking about), but I’m committed to it.

Find a resume and some other jibber-jabber over at my MSU pages.

If you know of a job that I might want to apply for, by all means, let me know.


Too hot to sleep, too tired to work

It’s hot and muggy upstairs. Our window AC keep shorting out the circuit. It hasn’t done that before.

So, instead of sleeping, I came down here to fiddle around. Or doodle. Or twiddle. Well, the point is, I wasn’t going to work because I’m so tired I figured I’d screw something up.

I almost ran off the road on the way home a couple hours ago, if that’s any indication. I was going through an intersection, making a left turn, and wasn’t turning enough. I suddenly realized I was heading rather perpendicular to the curb. So, I woke up and drove, and the next two interesections were just peachy.

So, the point is this: I’ve started redesigning this site again, but it’s halfway there. The comment pages and what-not are probably whacked. So, I’ll get to it when I’m more awake.

Note: Someone ask me later if I should leave the archive links in. Seriously. Has to do with spiders, I think. If the archives are gone, is there another way for them to crawl to all the posts?

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Burning the midnight oil

So we’re here in my office. Chey has been working on her thesis practically all day and it is now tomorrow.

Her old, broken down laptop has been giving her problems. I initialized the hard drive and reinstalled the OS today to help make this go faster. The drop down menus were starting to get flaky…working and not working at their leisure. The clean system seems to have taken care of the problem.

Part of the problem is probably that her Word file is almost 7 MB (most Word files are measured in double digit kilobytes).

Meanwhile, I’m trying to organize all the stuff I have going on work-wise. I just made a “marketing” folder and dropped all the stuff about advertising in it. I should probably pull that folder out on a regular basis to figure out what I’m doing with the marketing part of this business. If anyone has ideas, I’m listening.

I wrote an article, Thinking critically about home pages, and have been thinking about submitting it to some local magazines. I put a query in to the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, but that came back with a negative. I’m wondering if the Lansing Chamber of Commerce has a use, and I’m wondering if it has potential as a piece for the Sunday tech section of the Lansing State Journal. There is a tech section, right?