Burning the midnight oil

So we’re here in my office. Chey has been working on her thesis practically all day and it is now tomorrow.

Her old, broken down laptop has been giving her problems. I initialized the hard drive and reinstalled the OS today to help make this go faster. The drop down menus were starting to get flaky…working and not working at their leisure. The clean system seems to have taken care of the problem.

Part of the problem is probably that her Word file is almost 7 MB (most Word files are measured in double digit kilobytes).

Meanwhile, I’m trying to organize all the stuff I have going on work-wise. I just made a “marketing” folder and dropped all the stuff about advertising in it. I should probably pull that folder out on a regular basis to figure out what I’m doing with the marketing part of this business. If anyone has ideas, I’m listening.

I wrote an article, Thinking critically about home pages, and have been thinking about submitting it to some local magazines. I put a query in to the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, but that came back with a negative. I’m wondering if the Lansing Chamber of Commerce has a use, and I’m wondering if it has potential as a piece for the Sunday tech section of the Lansing State Journal. There is a tech section, right?

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