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  • WUD 2009 at MSU recap

    Yesterday’s World Usability Day event at Michigan State University was good—but a little odd. The morning sessions were spot-on, and some of the afternoon talks were good as well. However, it was clear that some panelists didn’t understand their audience of usability and accessibility practitioners. Their talks were still interesting, but they didn’t understand the […]

  • MSU 4-H Children’s Garden

    On Sunday morning, Lila, Eva and I visited the 4-H Children’s Garden at MSU. It was a beautiful day, and there were a few other small groups of people strolling around. In the back corner of the garden, obscured by the large tree in this photo, there is a play train. On the other side […]

  • A degree, finally?

    this weak I finishedd my Bachealor’s in English frum michigan state university!!!!!!!! (Ahem.) While I was a full-time student from 1994 to 1999, I did not complete my degree requirements at that time. I was offered a full-time job in the Web field in mid-1999, and I took it. Although I was close to finishing, […]

  • I’m a student again, and tardy already!

    After a nine-year break, I’ve enrolled again at Michigan State University! Back in 1998 or 99 I took a full-time job offer producing websites, and never finished my degree in English. So, finally, I’ll finish it off this semester. If everything goes as planned, I should graduate this May. I’m taking one class: REL 350–Buddhism […]

  • New Ph.D. program site at MSU College of Education

    A day or so ago, Adam of Envision Internet Consulting released a new website for a graduate program in Education at Michigan State University. The program is the Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy Ph.D. Program at the MSU College of Education. The new site took a lot of work and I think it looks great. […]

  • I’m geeked

    My department at MSU had a day celebrating 50 years of computing at MSU. So, in the MSU Computer Store, there was a Mac II plugged in and running, tiny monochromatic monitor and all. I couldn’t help but look, and lo and behold, the hard drive had TeachText and NCSA Mosaic, the first publically available […]

  • I educate

    Slightly over a year ago, I switched careers from website producer, consultant, and business owner to technology educator. I entered an organization in the midst of its ongoing, subtle identity crisis. Do we think of ourselves as trainers? We are called that, sometimes, because we give short courses and workshops on various computing topics, and […]

  • Transitioning into this job

    I thought I wanted a career, but it turns out I only wanted a paycheck. I read that quote, it was taped to a cash register at Espresso Royale, back in July, about a month into my job as a technology trainer at the university, after having spent seven years producing web sites full-time. Tomorrow […]

  • ANGEL at MSU–Who tossed out the IA?

    I’m listening to the second edition of the podcast, “the digital paper chase—education, technology, and life in the academy,” in which the intrepid hosts, Steve & Troy, talk about being tech-newbies all over again. The discussion revolves somewhat around the concepts of blogging as a Web site and podcasting. Anyway, at some point Steve made […]

  • A job offer!

    MSU LCTTP called today with an official job offer, which I gladly accepted. I’ll be a full-time instructor in a technology training program at Michigan State University. I start next Monday, June 6th. I’ll have about a week to get situated and learn from the other instructors, then I teach my first course on the […]