Presentation plan and class handout

LCTTP handout for a short usability workshop. Click to view larger.
LCTTP handout for a short usability workshop. Click to view larger.

Here’s the quick plan I came up with last night for the presentation I gave today at LCTTP. It’s might come off as jumbled as I wrote it in the middle of the night, but I thought I’d post it for archival sake.
LCTTP interview lesson plan [PDF]

Likewise, here’s the handout that I used to provide the context of where we do user testing.
LCTTP interview handout [PDF]

The LCTTP interview went really well

Today I had the second interview with MSU LCTTP. I think it went well.

I gave a presentation on usability testing for web sites; I tried to provide the context of where user testing fits into the big picture of web site development, then I actually ran a quick user test to demonstrate how to do one. Then we discussed it.

It seemed to me like everyone was engaged and I hope they learned something. The feedback I got was quite positive.

I’m one of the two candidates they called back for second interviews. I hope they make an offer soon, but it is the university so I won’t be surprised if it takes longer.

Second interview with MSU LCTTP

I have a second interview set up with the people at MSU‘s LCTTP. The position is for an instructor position, teaching mostly web development skills with an emphasis on database-driven web sites.

I’m really looking forward to the interview. They asked me to give a twenty minute presentation on one of the following: Fundamentals of Web Development, XHTML, Web Accessibility or Usability, Access Database Design.

Of course, the fourth option went out immediately. I’ve used Access enough to know that I don’t like it (it has screwed me out of MANY production hours in the past).

I chose the Usability option. I’m excited. I have a great plan for the presenation. They’re gonna walk out at the end, share a look and immediately decide to make an offer. (Or, I hope they will anyway.)