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  • Shot at Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club

    These past two evenings I have been shooting. It has been a year, so I was a little hesitant about how I’d do. But, somewhat surprisingly, the first night I shot an Expert score (819 out of 900) and the second night I shot a Master score (571 out of 600). Here are last night’s…

  • Muggy, muggy, muggy

    We are on a vacation of sorts up at my parents’ house in the Upper Peninsula. It is in Chassell Township near Michigan Tech University, for those who know. Anyway, the weather has been hot and muggy with frequent nightime rain. Yuck. Hopefully it dries out soon. I’ll post some pictures before too long.

  • Big sis’ coming through; Chey wrapping up the thesis!

    Lisa, my older sister, came down and stayed with us for a little over a week. She helped take care of Lila while Chey was finishing up her Masters thesis. She was a tremendous help; I’m sure that Chey would not have her completed draft (80 some pages, not including appendices) had it not been…

  • Weekend at Higgins Lake

    We spent Memorial Day weekend up at Higgins Lake with some friends from church. Here are a few pics.

  • Ah hah! I’m now using MT!

    Started installing Moveable Type at 10:30 this evening. It is now just before midnight and I have installed and imported all the old Blogger posts as well. So far, Moveable Type rocks! And, it spits out XHTML! I’m very happy.

  • going to move this site soon

    I’m not a huge fan of blogger at this point. I’m going to transition this site over to a new url and a new blog tool. I’ll look for one that will produce valid xhtml and gives a few more options.

  • I used to write stuff

    I wrote these two pieces a few years ago. Read ’em if you like. Snowfall, Snowdevil, etc. published in the Norther Michigan Journal sometime in 2000. I am unable to wrap my arms around a tree and then jerk it from the ground published in Cross Connect, Issue 14, Nov 1999.

  • watch for this book

    Zeldman has written another book. This one is called Designing with Web Standards. I’ve already pre-ordered it. Check out the the link for more info. Or, check out Zeldman’s page about the book.

  • Cheaper DSL! Way to go, Verizon.

    According to an article on’s news site, Verizon has lowered the price of its DSL service to $34.95 per month. Just another prize for the end-user in the broadband wars…

  • This is hilarious! Putin a little fairy!

    Check out the side-by-side comparison of Vladimir Putin and Dobby, an elf from the new Harry Potter video.