Sauna stuff

Check out this article on the “business sauna.” (Thanks to Paul Tiseo for sending me the link.)

One other thought. Sauna has been horridly mispronounced in standard American English. Most Americans pronounce the word “sauna” like saw-na. This hurts my ears.

Pronounce it like you’re talking about a pig, a “sow”. Sauna is sow-na.

Or, think of the two ways you’ve heard “Saudi Arabia” pronounced. Saw-dee doesn’t sound right, does it? In the same way, the “sau” of sauna should be pronounced like the “Sau” of Saudi.


“Under Command” — a band my brother referred me to

I just got off the phone with Eric, my brother. He works with a guy who plays in a band called “Under Command.” They are a Christian rock band out on the East Coast.

I checked out their web site and listened to some of their audio clips. Fun stuff. Solid musicianship, though a little too old-school for my taste. Their sound seems to be patterned after some of the Christian metal bands of the late 80s early 90s. Bride comes to mind. And, yes, Bride rocks.

Anyway, I’m all for supporting Christian musicians, so I’ll plug them here (for what its worth…). May their ministry run deep.


I am a wimp

A couple weeks ago, Adam and Darlene Richardson


PRS Guitars featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

My brother, Eric Granroth, works for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. He emailed me a couple days ago; he was interviewed for a segment on “All Things Considered.” The program aired yesterday. Alas, I don’t think his interview ended up in the final production.

Anyway, it was pretty good PR for PRS. The position seemed to be that PRS is bringing back the golden-age of guitar-making.

Check out the feature and photos of artisans working on guitars at the PRS shop.


The Power Outage and my router(s)

So the infamous Power Outage of August 2003 fried the WAN port on my Linksys 4 port router. I’m sending it back and they should send me a new one as it is still under their one year warranty.

However, it will probably be a couple weeks before I get the new one; so, I went out to Staples and found a Netgear Wireless Router with 4 port switch for $59. Plus, there is a $20 mail-in rebate (if I will just send the thing in…).

I hooked the Netgear router up, went into its web control panel, set the proper settings and crossed my fingers. And, I’m disappointed.

Sure, we have an Internet connection for the computers, but instead of the DSL speed that I should have, I’m reminded of 9600 baud days. And, it isn’t the DSL modem, because when I hook that up directly to my Mac, it blazes away at full speed.

My stomach writhes as I wait for pages to load. All those &^%$^%# js includes. All those big &^%$ pictures of smiley faces on corporate home pages.

Oh, be still my rising blood pressure.

So, I crawled over to the Netgear web site and downloaded a firmware upgrade for the router. I think it might have helped a little.

I might shut everything off for the night and try again tomorrow. (Yeah, right. I’ll be back before bed, I’m sure.)



Thank you to everyone for the help and support we’ve received in these last few days. And, we really appreciate the Riverview-ians who have brought (and will bring) us meals! Not having to worry about preparing meals ourselves really makes a big difference.

So, thanks.


National Junior Pistol Champions!

The Junior Pistol Team from the Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club of Pelkie, Michigan swept the Marksman class team competitions at the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio this past week.

Very impressive shooting from a young team!

In addition to the team’s accomplishments, Jeff Tuomi placed 2nd Marksman and first Junior Marksman, Kurt Szyszkoski finished 5th Marksman, and Sam Gardner finished 9th. And, Mark Saari shot his best scores in all phases of the matches!

I’m sure the young shooters’ families, their coach, and their supporters from the Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club are very proud of them all.


How can anything like “Microsoft patches holes in Windows” be worthy of being a top story

Okay, so lately (alright, the last seven years or so) I’ve had my issues with Microsoft Windows, but’s news service has a headline titled, “Microsoft patches holes in Windows.”

My question is, how is that news? As though that process has ever stopped. Here’s a headline that would be worth posting, “Microsoft releases hole-free version of Windows. Stop laughing, we’re serious.”

Regardless, here’s my latest gripe. I work on web sites. One of my clients has their web site hosted by a shop full of rabid Microsoft lovers. Now, they are dealing with some fairly sensitive data, though not so much on my client’s project. The problem is that this group seems to have assumed that everyone is on their network and is using a Windows machine with an OS of at least 2000.

In order to edit the web site files, I need to mount the web directory as a network drive on my Windows computer (Yes, I have one. It sits in the corner.). They have turned off FTP access. They have turned off access for any system other than Windows. And, Windows 98 or earlier doesn’t seem to be able to play their game either.

Can work get done? Well, yes. Have they made it unpleasant, inconvenient, and stress-promoting? Well, yes.


Shot at Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club

These past two evenings I have been shooting. It has been a year, so I was a little hesitant about how I’d do. But, somewhat surprisingly, the first night I shot an Expert score (819 out of 900) and the second night I shot a Master score (571 out of 600).

Here are last night’s scores, per target.

Stage Slow 1 Slow 2 Timed 1 Timed 2 Rapid 1 Rapid 2
Score 94 87 98 98 97 97

I shot with my Ruger MkII .22 caliber.

I’m pretty happy with the score, despite the second slow fire score. It has really been a long time since I’ve shot, so my scores are really higher than they could be.

It was fun, and makes me think that I’d like to hook up with a place down in the Lansing area where I can start shooting again.


Muggy, muggy, muggy

We are on a vacation of sorts up at my parents’ house in the Upper Peninsula. It is in Chassell Township near Michigan Tech University, for those who know.

Anyway, the weather has been hot and muggy with frequent nightime rain.

Yuck. Hopefully it dries out soon.

I’ll post some pictures before too long.