Introducing Master Chey.

Chey the Master
Chey the Master

Yes, that long awaited slip of paper from Central Michigan University arrived today. Chey has her Master of Arts degree in hand!


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  1. Dearest Chey:
    Congratulations on your Masters Degree. You earned it and deserve it. What more can a person tell you? I don’t know. YOu probably have an answer for that. Make sure its in English.
    Just me, your GREAT-aunt Helen.
    Remember: YOu can pick your friends but you can’t pick your relatives.

  2. Yeah for you Chey! That is so exciting. I am thrilled for you. Earning your Master’s degree is HARD work and you did it. I am very proud of you. Congrats.
    Yes, those are Krispy Kremes Noel. That is what Davin has been living on for the past 2-3 years during Chey’s degree. That is why is he struggles when he rides a bike……!

  3. Wow, Chey has a new baby AND gets a Master’s degree?!? Is there nothing she can’t do? AND her birthday was Auggust 30th. AND Paul just started his own Master’s program in Clinical Psychology at Madonna U. Praise the Lord. AND Paul feels guilty for not congratulating the Granroths for the arrival of Eva as well as Chey’s degree and all that. LALALALALA. Paul’s birthday is tomorrow. Whoopee.

    Blessings to all the Granroths!

  4. Congratulations Chey!!! I am soooo excited for you (and me). I can’t believe that we both finally have our degrees. Although, I must admit that I am going to miss getting together with you to work. However, soon we can get together so that the kids can play – that will be way more fun!


  5. CONGRATULATIONS CHEY!!! It’s an awesome accomplishment, I know you already know that, but I believe in the merits of repetition.
    take care,

  6. Chey, I think it’s amazing that you got your Masters Degree while having a family. I barely finished my Bachelors, single.
    I think the kids are beautiful.

  7. Congratulations chey!! We are very proud of you!!! You did it Yea!!! We love ya chey!! Chris and Bill and Emma the dog!!!

  8. Congratulations Chey!

    My sincerest apologies for losing touch with you guys for so long!

    Love to all,


  9. Hey all, thanks for the kind words. And yes, Rob, you may call me Mistress!! I was telling Davin that I want to buy one of those expensive frames for the diploma. What do you think?
    BTW, only Davin indulges in the Krispy Kremes on a regular basis.

  10. Wow! The miracles never cease. I but you took a deep breathe or at least a sigh of relief. Master Chey Granroth. MCG. Isn’t that bad for you to eat? . . . hmmmm . . . no, that’s MSG.

    Will you shine your bright light of genius on us lowly mortals to illuminate our darkness. Pretty please.

    I hope you savor this accomplishment.

  11. WooooHooooo!
    So, now you are a master!! (Like Yoda?)
    Jess and I are very proud!
    Give yourself a big hug for us!
    And my nieces too!


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