Author: Davin Granroth

  • Broadband over your electrical wiring

    CNN Technology article on broadband via electrical wiring. I’ve been watching this technology for a couple years. It’s good to see they are actually running trials in some cities.

  • Launched a site yesterday…

    I launched the Wieland-Davco web site yesterday. Have a look at it. The site seems to be moving slowly to me. Since it is using fewer files and those files are leaner, I suspect the server is having some issues.

  • Frontpage vs Dreamweaver

    For you web builders out there, here is one web builder’s comparison of FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

  • This is hilarious! Putin a little fairy!

    Check out the side-by-side comparison of Vladimir Putin and Dobby, an elf from the new Harry Potter video.

  • Copyright wars

    I attended a lecture this evening by Peter K. Yu, an expert on intellectual property, at the Michigan State University — Detroit College of Law. The lecture, entitled “The Escalating Copyright Wars,” was very well delivered and provided a good opportunity to hear some thoughts on intellectual property as it relates to media and the […]

  • Cinammon stick rant

    Those who have been around East Lansing, Michigan for more than a few years may remember Bilbo’s Restaurant/Bar. I think a place called La Trattoria, or something like that, is in its space now. It’s right next to El Azteco. You know the place. Anyway, back then, Bilbo’s had the best cinnamon sticks anywhere. In […]

  • Talk about taking advantage of the war…

    So there’s this guy I know that frequently sends me stuff that I consider spam. Anyway, here is the latest. This “news” website really seems to be taking advantage of anti-French sentiment in the U.S. Before you continue, just take a look at their boycott France web page, then come back and read the […]

  • web art…maybe

    Just happened across this site this evening. Found it intriguing. Not sure what it is, but it seems like a collection of personal pages of some highly talented/experienced designers/photographers/artists. I haven’t looked at the whole site, but what I saw I found refreshing.

  • Why, Apple? Why?

    So, it’s cool to be able to say that you have a former Vice President of the United States on your Board, but the news that Apple voted in Al Gore caused my stomach to turn, just a little anway. At least Apple is easier to spell than, ah, potato. I am, by the way, […]

  • How To Lead a Rich Life

    Okay, honestly, I don’t actually read Fast Company often. But, I was at and followed a link to another article on Fast Company. Anyway, the point is, this is another interesting article “How to Lead a Rich Life.” Scroll down to the end of the article for some interesting tidbits, but really the whole […]