Author: Davin Granroth

  • xsl to tranform xhtml pages

    I don’t know why it took me this long to realize this. I’ve been writing xhtml for a couple years now, and around the same time I started playing with xsl stylesheets, but it just occurred to me in a real way that I can probably use xslt to transform my xhtml pages (at my…

  • help design this page – calendar, y or n?

    As I’m slowly working through this new web page, I’m looking at each piece of the page. Right now I’m looking at the calendar. It’s kinda cool as it gives a visual representation of what days have entries. On the other hand, the Recent Entries right below it seem more informative to me. My rule…

  • search placement spam

    More spam in my inbox. This one leads with “Top Ten Search Engine Placement in 3-5 days Guaranteed!” A listing of Yahoo!,, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MSN, AOL Anywhere, AskJeeves, and altavista follows. There are how many ways to slice this lie open? Here’s one. How are you to get placed in the top 10…

  • No broccoli, no ice cream!

    We seem to have hit another phase of parenting: the battle of the wills. Yesterday evening our plan was to get together with some friends and walk down to an ice cream shop together. But, as we were wrapping up dinner and getting ready to go, Lila refused to eat her broccoli. It was just…

  • kranzo design — the flash man

    Kyle Kranzo is a local Flash artist. If you want something done in Flash, check with him as I think he is taking new clients. Or, talk with me and I’ll see if I can hook you both up. I know Kyle as we both go to Riverview Church. He just started drumming with the…

  • Weekend at Higgins Lake

    We spent Memorial Day weekend up at Higgins Lake with some friends from church. Here are a few pics.

  • I was told to relax

    So Chey, Lila, and I were cleaning up our house this morning. Lila, about 2.5 years old, walked up to me and held up her pointer finger. It had a grey smudge on it. “Looks like you got a little dirty,” I said to her. “Yeah,” she said, and started to wipe her finger off…

  • Ah hah! I’m now using MT!

    Started installing Moveable Type at 10:30 this evening. It is now just before midnight and I have installed and imported all the old Blogger posts as well. So far, Moveable Type rocks! And, it spits out XHTML! I’m very happy.

  • going to move this site soon

    I’m not a huge fan of blogger at this point. I’m going to transition this site over to a new url and a new blog tool. I’ll look for one that will produce valid xhtml and gives a few more options.

  • I used to write stuff

    I wrote these two pieces a few years ago. Read ’em if you like. Snowfall, Snowdevil, etc. published in the Norther Michigan Journal sometime in 2000. I am unable to wrap my arms around a tree and then jerk it from the ground published in Cross Connect, Issue 14, Nov 1999.