Author: Davin Granroth

  • Great Google, Batman!

    Fast Company magazine has a nice article on Google and the people and innovation behind it. One of the things that struck me about it was the recurring reference to Google’s respect for the user. Google understands that its two most important assets are the attention and trust of its users. If it takes too […]

  • A rather unique blog —

    A rather unique blog —

  • Pics from Indiana Here are

    Pics from Indiana Here are a few pics of Lila in Indiana.

  • Kudos to Johnson Consulting Network

    So as part of a competitive analysis for my company, I searched Google for “web consulting in lansing michigan”. And, the first response is to (Envision Internet Consulting made the 4th site slot) I searched for “internet consulting in lansing michigan”, and shows up as the second response. The first is taken by […]

  • The web ain’t cheap!

    You know, it seems like every time I submit a proposal for web development to a prospect, I feel like I have to apologize for the estimate. I know it is higher than they expect. I have been told that, repeatedly. Part of it is because I generally work with smaller companies and non-profit organizations, […]

  • I am alone.

    Okay, so that’s a little dramatic. Chey and Lila are down in Richmond, Indiana for a week and a half. They are staying with some friends of ours (they also have a two-year old). Chey is on spring break (she teaches at Lansing Community College), and she is taking this opportunity to hole up in […]

  • Tri-state road review

    Yesterday I was driving around the area where Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana meet. Some roads were I96 and highway 20 (is that an Ohio highway?). Anyway, my review is that roads in Michigan are, in general, bumpier than in Ohio or Indiana. Not so nice to drive upon. Why the difference? Is it weather? Funding […]

  • A tech company in Okemos? Who’d a thought…

    So a few weekends ago I was in the East Lansing Barnes & Noble children’s section with Lila and Chey; we, I mean, Lila was playing with the wooden train set they have. Another couple with a two-year-old train set afficianado came over, and Chey and I started chatting with the couple. It turns out […]

  • Redesigned

    So, with the ditching of the frames came a bit of a prettying up for this page. Note the background image in the lower-left. Those are actually some photoshopped leaves from our plant, George.

  • We’re expecting, by the way…

    For those who haven’t heard yet, we are expecting our second child. Due date is August 10th. We’re scheduled to go camping up north the week before that, so that could be an interesting trip.