2 thoughts on “Newsweek’s Spring 2010 Website Redesign”

  1. Hi Davin, I was one of the developers working on the site. First off, we’re real glad you like our implementation – we put a lot of time into making HTML5 work along with RDFa and jQuery UI. We’re also pretty excited you took time to look under the good. HTML5 was surprisingly painless to implement, with Firefox 2 being the only real outlier. Newsweek was nice enough to trust our decision to use it, which is nice.

    The inline JSON is indeed part of the current HTML5 spec. We’re using the data- attribute to tag different elements on the page. Some examples include data-slideshow (for the slideshow widget), data-dartad (for ads, loaded after document.ready for speed), and data-track (click tracking in omniture so we can determine which modules are getting the most attention). I put this in so that we had a clear and reliable way to target elements for design and functionality. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve targeted an element by class name or ID, only to have the class change and break everything. Using the data- attributes has proven to be far more reliable, since the attributes exist solely for functionality and are unlikely to be accidentally used on a wrong element.

    I’ll be fixing the metadata today (good call!) – clean code is on my TODO: along with 50 other items. Thanks for your interest – nice to have our hard work appreciated.

  2. Michael, thanks for the comment, and for that insight on data- attributes.

    Actually, I’m inspired by you and your team doing this at Newsweek. I’ve been hesitant about taking HTML 5 seriously, but you clearly did. Looks like it’s time to experiment.

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