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  • Much ado about phone numbers

    Lately I’ve been thinking about formatting phone numbers. Of course, there are plenty of options in addition to the ones above, but these are some common ones, although the thin spaces option is perhaps not too common. I added it because I’ve been wondering about the value of the separator characters, and if we can […]

  • A model for UX design reviews

    A model for UX design reviews

    Design reviews are so important for our work as user experience designers, but they too often fail us. Here is a model for design reviews that overcomes the problems of ego, emotion, and communication that so often get in the way of helpful feedback. Alaina Kraus, Caitlin Potts, and I presented this process for the […]

  • Addendum to “Getting More From Analysis” by Lewandoswki and Dilworth

    UX Magazine published Getting More From Analysis by Jared Lewandowski and John Dilworth on Dec 16, 2010. The authors provide a  summary of analysis as part of three design activities: Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Diagramming these activities They also provide some models for conceiving of these three activities, from linear to finally advising on a traditional […]

  • Thoughts on Richard Saul Wurman’s Why Design Now talk

    Richard Saul Wurman, author of “Information Architects” and founder of the TED conference, spoke at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum‘s “Why Design Now” event. This is that talk. Wurman emphasizes that so much is designed, even the questions that we ask. To illustrate, at one point he asked Bill Moggridge, who was attending as the […]

  • Seams between systems and the Vignelli NYC subway map

    I just read “Mr. Vignelli’s Map” by Michael Bierut over at Design Observer. In the post, Bierut remembers and analyzes why the public rejected Vignelli’s map of the New York City subway system. (Here’s the Vignelli subway map.) The Vignelli map smartly acknowledged that for passengers of the subway focused on navigating the subway system […]

  • Many stories in user experience

    I just watched this TED talk, “Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story.” Please, take the 18 minutes to watch it, then continue to read. Watching this talk brought to mind two thoughts related to user experience work. First, in a recent edition of Interactions magazine there is an article “Stories that inspire action” […]