We shared a look just before we started skipping down the aisle after being married.
We shared a look just before we started skipping down the aisle after being married.

On New Year’s Eve 2014, I married Amy Grace McNeil, now Amy Granroth. The service was at the Davison Assembly of God church in Davison, Michigan, and we had great help from Amy’s family and friends. They prepared everything: the church decorations, the food, cake, corsages, flowers, music—everything.

It was great to have so much help, and we so much appreciated it.

It doesn’t seem like six months already! God has surely blessed us and continues to do so.

More vacation photos

Photos from Canyon Falls near Baraga, MI

Lila and Eva posing on a rick in the river at Canyon Falls
Lila and Eva posing on a rick in the river at Canyon Falls.

On our drive to my parents’ house in the Keewenaw, we stopped at Canyon Falls and hiked into the woods for a little sight-seeing. Enjoy the photos!

Vacation in the Keewenaw

For the past week I’ve had Lila and Eva with me up in Keewenaw in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I grew up here, and we’ve been staying at my parents’ house.

We’ve spent the last few days at our family’s cottage (we call it a “camp”) on Portage Lake. The photos of the ducks and the chipmunk are from there.

The girls swam at the camp, and we took two short trips to the beach at White City where they swam and played in the sand. The lighthouse photo is from there.

Click on the photos to view them larger.

We celebrated Eva’s birthday and the girls got snorkels and masks. Lila swam a lot in Lake Superior and Portage Lake, despite the cool lake temperatures. “It’s warm!” she declared. Lake Superior was 44 degrees, though we swam in more protected bays so they were probably a bit warmer.

Eva preferred to splash in the waves near the shore and play in the sand.

Oh, and on Friday at the camp I took the girls for a real sauna. The temperature was a soothing 145 degrees, and when I tossed a little water on the hot rocks, they gasped “I can’t breathe!” Funny. I showed them how to breathe through a moist washcloth, and they sighed in relief under their washcloth-masks. We took some more steam to draw out the sweat, scrubbed up and got all sudsy, and then went to rinse the soap off in the lake.

Now, back at my parents’ house, the girls are sitting here playing with legos. Tonight we’ll wash clothes and pack up the car. Tomorrow we drive back down to Saint Charles near Saginaw.

SMASH: I was in a car accident

As I gingerly pulled a shard of glass from my forearm this morning, I thought I might blog about the car accident I had this past Wednesday.

Following is an excerpt of a message I emailed to my coworkers on Thursday morning.

I was in a 2-car collision last night while I was driving my daughters back to St Charles from Saginaw. An elderly woman pulled out from a side street in front of both lanes of traffic on the highway. We were in the left lane, and I didn’t see her until we hit her car because an SUV just ahead and to my right obscured the view. She was taken to the hospital but it sounded from the police like she was going to be okay.

After the impact we ended up against one of those raised cement storm drains in the ditch on the other side of the highway, I’d guess about 40 yards back from where we were.

Lila and Eva are both fine, other than a seat belt burn on Eva’s upper right shoulder. Lila was gasping that she couldn’t breathe, probably because of the impact and she probably inhaled smoke. After a few minutes she was just fine.

Some other people stopped and called 911, and helped get Eva out of the car while I was checking Lila.

Chey came and we went to a hospital in Saginaw with the girls just to be safe. They’re fine.

My left hand hurt and wasn’t working quite right, and I wanted to be sure that my fingers (middle finger and thumb, specifically) were not broken. Thankfully the X-Rays showed no fractures, and this morning the swelling is down and I can move it better than last night.

I’m very thankful that everyone is okay.

And, for all of us techies, my laptop is a little bent, but seems to work okay. 😉

Fatten me up?

I was captured. Eva had my right arm and Lila had my left. They were walking me back to my house in St Charles, and they were pretending to be evil witches.

“Let’s put him in the dungeon so we can eat him!” schemed Eva.

“You’re going to fatten me up before you eat me?” I asked.

“No, you’re already fat!” said Eva the witch. “That’s why we chose you!”

Lila the witch cackled sinisterly.

Christmas 2008 photos

Lila, Eva and I spent a week up at my parents’ house in Chassell, MI. We had a great time!

Snow fell continually, except for a beautiful blue sky on Christmas morning. Eva came down with a cold, so we did not spend much time outside. We did do a little sledding though.

Here are a couple photos of the girls from Christmas morning.

We drove down yesterday and today. What crazy weather! Yesterday was pure thick fog all the way through the U.P. and the Norther Lower, until evening, when we had a downpour along with the fog. Visibility was so bad, everyone was driving very slowly.

We spent the night in Gaylord. This morning at 7:15, the driveway outside the hotel was submerged with a river from the snowmelt. By 8:45 it was frozen solid.

So we hit the road for St. Charles and the highway was so bad that we were in a column of cars all moving 45 MPH or less, for hours. It was slow-going, but we made it in this afternoon.