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  • Signing and Encrypting E-mail on Mac OS X 10.6 Using Self-Signed Certificates

    A few years ago I wrote about using Thawte’s personal e-mail signing certificates for setting up secure S/MIME encryption with Apple Mail. Well, Thawte, so I understand, is phasing out that service. So, I’ve been wondering how to do self-signing on the Mac to set up S/MIME encrypted e-mails. This evening, I found out. Credit […]

  • DSS.MIL is not to be trusted

    It’s funny that the Defense Security Service (Provides security services to the Department of Defense and defense contractors. Mostly counter-espionage and physical security tasks.) homepage triggers an SSL certificate error. Is that some sort of first lesson: TRUST NO ONE! Heh.

  • Overview of PGP, S/MIME and the evolving versions of secure e-mail

    I just read an article by Jim Galvin, published March of 2000 in Information Security Magazine, (IN)SECURITY FROM END TO END. The article provides an overview of the origination of secure e-mail and how the technologies have changed over the years. It also provides context for digital signatures, e-mail certificates, and PGP versus S/MIME. Here’s […]

  • Securing e-mail

    Every once in a while, I get e-mails from server admins with host connection information. This tends to get under my skin, though I admit to sending similar information from time to time. The thing is, e-mail is so darned good at delivering this kind of information. The problem, of course, is that e-mail is […]

  • Securing the Mac 10.4 laptop

    I talked with a guy from the MSU Computer Store this morning about getting Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security for the Mac laptop I’ve been using. His recommendation is to just get AntiVirus 10 for the Mac and change a few settings on the laptop. Here are his recommendations: Turn off Bluetooth, Discoverable, so that […]