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  • Dinner

    Ooh. I just cooked up a happy, little, simple dinner. A two egg omelette with small chunks of mushroom, green pepper, and sweet onion, and plenty of cheese. Topped with a little Italian seasoning (mixture of marjoram, thyme, rosemary, savory, sage, oregeno, and basil) and a dollop of sour cream. And three slices of bacon, […]

  • My first pasta dinner

    At the grocery store, I use a red handbasket, no cart. I look at the cans: SPT GRLC/ONIN TM and SP TOMATO PASTE. Too big, I think. They will have to do. Amidst the vegetables, an old woman and I reach for the mushrooms. “You, please,” she grants me first pick, and I bag one […]

  • I can eat crunchy peanut butter now.

    I was at the grocery store and realized that I can buy crunchy peanut butter. So, I’m eating a PB&J with crunchy peanut butter now. Oh man, this is living. I still need to have creamy peanut butter when the girls come over. The last weekend that I had the girls, Lila tried a crunchy […]

  • Stories and kiddie-coffee

    I had the girls this weekend, and before I brought them back this evening, we went for kiddie-coffee at a Beaners. Or, the B as Lila calls it. Kiddie-coffee is, of course, a vanilla steamer, not too hot. So, we sat around the table, sharing a lemon scone, the girls dipping their fingers into the […]

  • If I owned a Mexican restaurant…

    I was eating at Panchero’s a few days ago and I heard someone ordering a burrito. When the employee asked the customer if he wanted hot sauce on it, the guy said, “Have any super-hot sauce? Something under the counter?” That would be awesome. If I ran a Mexican restaurant like that, I’d keep some […]

  • I’m corn intolerant

    Isn’t that a crazy thing to say? Anyway, I’ve had this reaction to some foods for years, and I’ve been trying to figure it out. Lots of different pizzas would cause problems for me, some pasta sauces and salsas. Other foods with some sort of sauce as well. So, I was thinking it might be […]

  • What not to do in northern Michigan towns

    Last summer a friend and I walked into a bar in Gaylord, Michigan. We wanted to get some lunch, and because it was raining and we were walking, we weren’t took picky. Besides, there was a menu in the window that showed burgers, fries, fish, and some pasta, I think. We had not been to […]

  • Cinammon stick rant

    Those who have been around East Lansing, Michigan for more than a few years may remember Bilbo’s Restaurant/Bar. I think a place called La Trattoria, or something like that, is in its space now. It’s right next to El Azteco. You know the place. Anyway, back then, Bilbo’s had the best cinnamon sticks anywhere. In […]