If I owned a Mexican restaurant…

I was eating at Panchero’s a few days ago and I heard someone ordering a burrito. When the employee asked the customer if he wanted hot sauce on it, the guy said, “Have any super-hot sauce? Something under the counter?”

That would be awesome. If I ran a Mexican restaurant like that, I’d keep some Dave’s Insanity sauce or something like it under the counter. I might pour the sauce into a small, dented, tin canteen, just for the effect.

That’d stir up some word-of-mouth marketing.

2 responses to “If I owned a Mexican restaurant…”

  1. That would be sweet. We’ve got a place called Don Juan’s down here that has something of that nature.
    In fact, most of the Mexican restaurants down here have “specialties” that are available, but not on the menu. A proficiency in Spanish is almost a requirement to get them.

  2. Tat would be no Chi Chi’s. The true mexican food eaters called it gringo food. I wa amazed at how identical El Azteco was to La Fuente in Tucson, AZ. I thought El Az was probably quite gringo ized, but it seemed like the food was a dead ringer for La Fuente’s Sonoran cuisune. Next time I’m there I’ll have to ask about any under the table hot sauce.

    In addition to a beat up metal dispenser there should be fire and smoke flowing from the spout and black soot all around the opening.

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