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  • Signing and Encrypting E-mail on Mac OS X 10.6 Using Self-Signed Certificates

    A few years ago I wrote about using Thawte’s personal e-mail signing certificates for setting up secure S/MIME encryption with Apple Mail. Well, Thawte, so I understand, is phasing out that service. So, I’ve been wondering how to do self-signing on the Mac to set up S/MIME encrypted e-mails. This evening, I found out. Credit […]

  • Overview of PGP, S/MIME and the evolving versions of secure e-mail

    I just read an article by Jim Galvin, published March of 2000 in Information Security Magazine, (IN)SECURITY FROM END TO END. The article provides an overview of the origination of secure e-mail and how the technologies have changed over the years. It also provides context for digital signatures, e-mail certificates, and PGP versus S/MIME. Here’s […]

  • Securing e-mail

    Every once in a while, I get e-mails from server admins with host connection information. This tends to get under my skin, though I admit to sending similar information from time to time. The thing is, e-mail is so darned good at delivering this kind of information. The problem, of course, is that e-mail is […]

  • Email or e-mail?

    Searched Google for “email” and returned 802,000,000 results. Searched Google for “e-mail” and returned 1,300,000,000 results. But, also got Google’s “Did you mean: email?” prompt, which suggests that Google, at least, has “email” as a preferred term with “e-mail” as a variant term. I almost always write “email,” but when I think about it, putting […]

  • Down to FIVE messages in my inbox

    Over the last half hour, I went from 328 to 5 messages in my email inbox.

  • Sort or search your email?

    So, my inbox has 294 messages in it right now. When it gets to around 500 or so I usually go on a crusade to bring it to under 100. This involves throwing messages into folders and deleting lots and lots of no longer important ones that I won’t need. So, this concept of not […]