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Email or e-mail?

Searched Google for “email” and returned 802,000,000 results.

Searched Google for “e-mail” and returned 1,300,000,000 results. But, also got Google’s “Did you mean: email?” prompt, which suggests that Google, at least, has “email” as a preferred term with “e-mail” as a variant term.

I almost always write “email,” but when I think about it, putting in the hyphen makes sense to me. But then, our language is changing, and probably the version without the hyphen is already accepted as proper English.

By Davin Granroth

Davin is Chief Operating Officer for Covenant Eyes, Inc. in Owosso, MI, USA, where he gets to mix his background in user experience design, research, and strategy with the operation of a software company. For more, see his LinkedIn profile.

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