Author: Davin Granroth

  • “Under Command” — a band my brother referred me to

    I just got off the phone with Eric, my brother. He works with a guy who plays in a band called “Under Command.” They are a Christian rock band out on the East Coast. I checked out their web site and listened to some of their audio clips. Fun stuff. Solid musicianship, though a little…

  • I am a wimp

    A couple weeks ago, Adam and Darlene Richardson

  • Eva pics, part 2

    Click on any pic for a larger version. The last one is from last Sunday. We had a little picnic in one of the gardens at Michigan State University, and Lila kept walking around the edge of the fountain. I got her to stop for a photo.

  • PRS Guitars featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

    My brother, Eric Granroth, works for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. He emailed me a couple days ago; he was interviewed for a segment on “All Things Considered.” The program aired yesterday. Alas, I don’t think his interview ended up in the final production. Anyway, it was pretty good PR for PRS. The position seemed to…

  • Semantic vs. valid markup

    Scott Pennington of Matrix at Michigan State University emailed an interesting link to me. The SimpleBits blog has a post and discussion of semantic markup of a page heading. A fairly elementary quiz starts it off, but the range of perspectives in the discussion starts to show the complexity of semantic markup. On the one…

  • Pictures of Eva, part 1

    All the pictures below can be clicked on for larger versions.

  • LukeW. linking to my web tips!

    This is cool: I referenced Luke Wroblewski’s book “Site Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability” in some of my web tip articles on my professional site, and he found them and linked back. Take a look. As of today, the links back to are at the bottom of the page under the Consulting…

  • The Power Outage and my router(s)

    So the infamous Power Outage of August 2003 fried the WAN port on my Linksys 4 port router. I’m sending it back and they should send me a new one as it is still under their one year warranty. However, it will probably be a couple weeks before I get the new one; so, I…

  • Thanks

    Thank you to everyone for the help and support we’ve received in these last few days. And, we really appreciate the Riverview-ians who have brought (and will bring) us meals! Not having to worry about preparing meals ourselves really makes a big difference. So, thanks.

  • Eva Marie Granroth is here!

    Once labor started in earnest, it went fast. Two hours, maybe. Chey was in the bathtub, at home, breathing hard. We called the midwives, and while Gera was talking with Chey on the phone, I was talking with Chey’s mother, Lahine, about coming over to stay and make sure Lila would be alright. That was…