Author: Davin Granroth

  • Sir Inventor of the Web

    Tim Berners-Lee is now Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Congrats, Sir Tim.

  • Thoughts on understanding and wisdom

    The Taguchi Method, as outlined in the linked article, offers an intriquing method of developing products. This method involves looking at an array of variables involved in a product, identifying dependencies amongst them, and testing them all to assess effectiveness. Taguchi’s objective is robust design, which means building a product, system, or process that works…

  • Dry mouths

    We forgot to turn on the humidifier in our bedroom last night, and the heat kept coming on. I awoke dry

  • What’s the difference between enculturation and socialization?

    I was talking this morning with a friend, Scott Schopieray, and we were discussing how you can think about online education as a process of socialization or enculturation. My question is what is the difference between the two? Scott put forth the idea that enculturation might fit within socialization. That seems to make sense, but…

  • Happy Birthday Lila!

    It is Lila’s Birthday today! She is three years old. We had a party for her at Chuck E. Cheese’s this past Monday. I’ll post some pics soon.

  • Pics from Binder Park Zoo

    These photos were all taken a month or so ago at Binder Park Zoo near Battle Creek, Michigan. It is a very cool zoo!

  • Giraffe close-up

    Earlier this summer we went to the zoo down near Battle Creek. Here is one picture from the trip. I’ll get some more up soon.

  • A memory, meditation, and a story of ice

    Years ago, when I was a teenager, I was sitting at a small pier called Portage Entry on Lake Superior. Midnight was nearing; Christmas was weeks away. It was cold, and the water in the canal and lake was thick with ice and snow. My ears stung a little from the cold. They ached when…

  • Sauna stuff

    Check out this article on the “business sauna.” (Thanks to Paul Tiseo for sending me the link.) One other thought. Sauna has been horridly mispronounced in standard American English. Most Americans pronounce the word “sauna” like saw-na. This hurts my ears. Pronounce it like you’re talking about a pig, a “sow”. Sauna is sow-na.…

  • Introducing Master Chey.

    Yes, that long awaited slip of paper from Central Michigan University arrived today. Chey has her Master of Arts degree in hand! Hooray!