“Sportsmen’s Club” is okay

A side project of mine is to keep up rangelistings.com, a website that provides a list and map of shooting ranges in each of the Unites States.

So I see all kinds of variations of names for shooting ranges, and this theme sticks out to me:

  • ABC Sportsmans Club
  • ABC Sportsman’s Club
  • ABC Sportsmans’ Club
  • ABC Sportsmens Club
  • ABC Sportsmen’s Club
  • ABC Sportsmens’ Club

Forgetting for the moment that women enjoy the outdoors, let me propose a best form of those variations.

Because a club of one sportsman isn’t much of a club, I propose it should always be plural: sportsmen.

Because the club is possessed by those sportsmen, it should be the possessive form: sportsmen’s.

So, in case anyone would like to fix the name of such a club, try something like ABC Sportsmen’s Club.

(If I am misunderstanding naming, please let me know.)

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