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  • “Sportsmen’s Club” is okay

    A side project of mine is to keep up rangelistings.com, a website that provides a list and map of shooting ranges in each of the Unites States. So I see all kinds of variations of names for shooting ranges, and this theme sticks out to me: ABC Sportsmans Club ABC Sportsman’s Club ABC Sportsmans’ Club […]

  • Thinking: Taxonomy of shooting ranges

    I’ve been overwhelmed by feedback from a side project of mine, rangelistings.com, and am working on upgrading it so that site visitors can make some updates on their own without having to go through me. It’s great how even seemingly little projects like this raise information architecture questions so promptly. Wait…what the heck does “access” […]

  • Bing delivers surprising amount of traffic to rangelistings.com

    One of my hobby sites is rangelistings.com, a site with the goal of providing a map of each state with the locations of shooting ranges on it. I keep an eye on the web traffic pretty regularly, and about 90% of the traffic it receives is from search engines. Up till the last couple of […]

  • 1st foray with svn:externals

    Okay, confession. Since the mid-90s I’ve helped produce hundreds of websites. Yet, I’ve been using source code management software for less than 1 year. Hindsight, right? In retrospect, I was just plain ignorant. Had I been using something like Subversion, I can think of a few big issues on past projects that just simply wouldn’t […]

  • The Google AdSense conundrum

    I have a little side project over at rangelistings.com. The site contains a page for each state with a map of where shooting ranges in that state are. This is the first time I’ve posted advertisements on a site I’ve created, and I’ve run into a compelling question on how to make the ads more […]