Ye Olde Man

On the same night as the Eastman Party Store commentary, Lila, Eva and I were at a restaurant. I have Lila bring her homework in to work on after dinner.

She had some books to read, so she read to us. The story was a fairy tale and there was an inn and an innkeeper in it, so we discussed what an inn is and what an innkeeper is. In the picture in the book, the innkeeper was standing in the doorway to the inn. Above the door was a sign that read, “Ye Olde Inn.”

Lila pointed to the sign and said, “Oh, Spanish.”

I corrected her, “No, that’s actually Old English. It was spoken many years ago, so you see it in old-time stories.”

“How do you know it’s Old English?” she asked. “Oh right! You’re an old man.”

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  1. Hah. Yes, I was even early to class. (I set up alarms in iCal to give me 20 minutes warning.)

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