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  • Dates related to our marriage

    February 11, 1998 I had dinner with Dan and Hilda Davis (Dan is Chey’s father) to ask for Chey’s hand in marriage. They responded, “No.” Nervous silence ensued. Then Hilda finally added, “Take all of her, not just her hand!” Very funny. After dinner I decided that it was the day to propose. After realizing…

  • Divorce

    I spoke with Chey on the phone today. She demands a divorce. So, here life pivots. God is good.

  • my sad haiku

    “sorrow more, laugh less” my heart fears the icy wind “wise hearts know to mourn” there – in between a soft heart and no forgiveness – a wound festers, seeps our world is broken: fools know pleasure – but the wise are sad god, mend us

  • The beginning of the�

    Once upon a time, long ago, in the Winter, when I was living at my parents’ house in the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan, my job was to make sure the driveway was cleared of snow so people could drive out. It was a fairly long driveway, especially by city standards. This meant waking at…