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  • The divorce has taken place

    The divorce papers have been signed and filed, so the divorce is effective today. It has been roughly 19 months since Chey filed the divorce papers. I feel some relief that this drawn-out process is over. I took the ring off. Officially, we were married for over 9 years, though we have been separated since […]

  • Dates related to our marriage

    February 11, 1998 I had dinner with Dan and Hilda Davis (Dan is Chey’s father) to ask for Chey’s hand in marriage. They responded, “No.” Nervous silence ensued. Then Hilda finally added, “Take all of her, not just her hand!” Very funny. After dinner I decided that it was the day to propose. After realizing […]

  • I miss my girls

    I was walking through campus back to my apartment yesterday afternoon. Children and parents were playing near the ducks by the Administration Building. I found myself scanning the crowd for my girls, hoping they would be there so I could see them. Of course they were not there. They would not be. After work today, […]

  • My first pasta dinner

    At the grocery store, I use a red handbasket, no cart. I look at the cans: SPT GRLC/ONIN TM and SP TOMATO PASTE. Too big, I think. They will have to do. Amidst the vegetables, an old woman and I reach for the mushrooms. “You, please,” she grants me first pick, and I bag one […]

  • I can eat crunchy peanut butter now.

    I was at the grocery store and realized that I can buy crunchy peanut butter. So, I’m eating a PB&J with crunchy peanut butter now. Oh man, this is living. I still need to have creamy peanut butter when the girls come over. The last weekend that I had the girls, Lila tried a crunchy […]

  • Divorce

    I spoke with Chey on the phone today. She demands a divorce. So, here life pivots. God is good.