Spam: debjesusislord

I keep getting this email called “People on the Move” from “debjesusislord”. I don’t know why I ever started getting it in the first place, and I surely hope that this seemingly ministry-oriented person isn’t knowingly running a spam-campaign.

So, giving the benefit of the doubt, I tried sending emails to unsubscribe from the email list. I tried from a few different email addresses, just in case the TO field had to match up.

Regardless, all I got were bounced messages back from the offending email server, saying that the unsubscribe address wasn’t a valid address.

So—I’m left with the option of continuing to see these messages in my inbox or marking it as spam. Which, at this point, it is, since I don’t want it and have no real viable way of removing myself from the email list.

So, “debjesusislord” is now spam.

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  1. She is the director of a networking group. Doesnt seem very computer savvy though which is why u are probably still getting stuff. is the site. Her phone number is on there. It is not a religious or ministry organization. That is just her email handle. Hope it helps.

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