Spam: debjesusislord

I keep getting this email called “People on the Move” from “debjesusislord”. I don’t know why I ever started getting it in the first place, and I surely hope that this seemingly ministry-oriented person isn’t knowingly running a spam-campaign.

So, giving the benefit of the doubt, I tried sending emails to unsubscribe from the email list. I tried from a few different email addresses, just in case the TO field had to match up.

Regardless, all I got were bounced messages back from the offending email server, saying that the unsubscribe address wasn’t a valid address.

So—I’m left with the option of continuing to see these messages in my inbox or marking it as spam. Which, at this point, it is, since I don’t want it and have no real viable way of removing myself from the email list.

So, “debjesusislord” is now spam.

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search placement spam

More spam in my inbox. This one leads with “Top Ten Search Engine Placement in 3-5 days Guaranteed!” A listing of Yahoo!,, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MSN, AOL Anywhere, AskJeeves, and altavista follows.

There are how many ways to slice this lie open?

Here’s one. How are you to get placed in the top 10 on Google in the next 5 days if Google’s rankings rotate on a monthly basis?

Feel free to add your own via the comment link. (okay, okay, I’m trying to see if anyone actually is looking at this site 😉