Down like Rumplestiltskin.

You know when you lie back to take a little rest and you wake up eight hours later?

That was me, last night. I finally had the girls in bed, and I wanted to get some laundry going and do some client related work.

But, I was really feeling a little groggy. So, I laid down, with the intention of getting up when Chey got home. She was out doing some work for LCC. Well, apparently I didn’t notice when Chey came in.

My eyes opened again at about 6:30 AM, and as I looked at the clock, I could hear the city bus that I was supposed to be on, zooming down Waverly Road behind our house.

It was a not-so-good start to what has been a surprisingly decent day. And, now I get to do a class that I’ve not taught before: Angel Groups. It’s training on using the groups features in Angel, an online course management system.

2 responses to “Down like Rumplestiltskin.”

  1. Wait a minute–Rumpy had nothing to do with sleep. He spun gold and folks had to guess his name in order to have their baby back.

    I was thinking of the wrong fairy tale.

    So…what is the name of the old man I was thinking of? He did something where he crossed a fairy or walked into a fairy ring or something and fell asleep for a few decades–something like that.

    Name? Anyone?

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