The U.P., land of penguins and icebergs.

I was just eating dinner with Lila and she asked where I was born, as we had been talking about grandparents and how Chey and I are the children of Lila’s grandparents.

“Way up north,” I said. She uses that phrase to tell people where Grandpa Ron and Grandma Donna live.

Lila hunched her shoulders and clutched her hands together, as if freezing. “Ooh, and it’s so so cold, and there are penguins.”

I laughed, “Well, it’s not that cold. There aren’t any penguins there, silly.”

“Well, not cold for you, but cold for the penguins. And there’s icebergs,” she says.

I’ve told her that it’s nice and warm there sometimes too, but that concept never seems to stick with her.


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  1. Last week Lila and I were driving on Cedar St, following Chey and Eva to the diner. A car switched lanes between my car and Chey’s, and as a result we “lost” her getting stuck at the red light at Jolly Rd.

    Lila: “Oh no, we have to find them!”

    Mindy: “It’s okay, I know where we are going. The diner is on this street, just up north a little ways.”

    Lila: “Oh, it’s cold up there.”

  2. lol hilarious!

    Put those awesome graphics design skills to work and superimpose icebergs and penguins on a map of the U.P. Send a copy to the Sommerlots and Cloutiers, too.

    With Lila’s comprehension of North = cold, she will eventually end up in Antarctica. “Don’t go North, it’s cold up there. Keep moving South. Stay away from the icebergs.”

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