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  • XSL to get text from Apple Pages documents

    Pages is the name of Apple’s basic word processor program that comes with their iWork suite of applications. It’s not a bad program, but a number of months ago I needed to switch up to MS Word for the Mac. Well, this morning I was looking through some old files and found a text document […]

  • XML file of shooting ranges in Michigan

    As another small step in this process of manipulating a data set to upload to Google Maps, I took the cleaned XHTML I had from a few days ago, and used TextWrangler to do some quick search and replaces on the source code in order to produce this XML file. ranges-data.xml Next, I think, I’ll […]

  • Sample KML structure for the shooting ranges data

    And here is a sample of what the intended shooting ranges KML feed will look like.

  • Clean XHTML of shooting ranges data

    My goal is to upload a comprehensive list of shooting ranges to Google Maps (see prior posting). So, to accomplish this, here are the steps I’ve thought of.

  • We need a “credit” attribute in XHTML

    The XHTML 2.0 draft document by the W3C includes some promising attributes for elements. For instance, a navigation list could have a role with a value of sitemap. I.e.: <nl role=”sitemap”> That’s cool. Think on that a bit, o ye of semantic persuasion. The potential benefits of this type of specificity in standard markup is […]

  • xsl to tranform xhtml pages

    I don’t know why it took me this long to realize this. I’ve been writing xhtml for a couple years now, and around the same time I started playing with xsl stylesheets, but it just occurred to me in a real way that I can probably use xslt to transform my xhtml pages (at my […]