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  • How can MI UPA, IxDA groups, and MichiCHI work together?

    UX practitioners in the state of Michigan have an enviable problem. We have so many active professional groups that it’s easy to get confused by which one is doing what, exactly. Which groups? Usability Professionals Association, Michigan chapter (MI UPA) Interaction Design Association (IxDA), local groups IxDA-Ann Arbor IxDA-Lansing IxDA-Grand Rapids Michigan CHI (MichiCHI) Each…

  • A model for UX design reviews

    A model for UX design reviews

    Design reviews are so important for our work as user experience designers, but they too often fail us. Here is a model for design reviews that overcomes the problems of ego, emotion, and communication that so often get in the way of helpful feedback. Alaina Kraus, Caitlin Potts, and I presented this process for the…

  • I finally did the right thing and joined the Usability Professionals Association

    After years of crashing UPA-sponsored events, I finally shelled out the membership fee and joined the association. The Usability Professionals Association is a professional organization that is focused on supporting the development of the field of usability.

  • Hey look, Lee and me

    Photo of Lee Allis-Hayes and myself at the World Usability Day event at the MSU Union Building. The photo linked to above was taken by Betsy Weber. Betsy is the “Chief Evangelist” at TechSmith. I think that’s a fun title. It’s not just a job—it’s a calling. Lee, also from TechSmith, and I seem to…