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  • Can robots.txt prevent a dead page from being removed from a search engine’s index?

    Problem: Pages taken offline 4 months ago are still indexed by Google and Yahoo! In the course of work this week, we discovered that Yahoo! and Google still have record of a section of a website we removed nearly 4 months ago. Surely the search engine robots had revisited the pages, repeatedly received 404-File Not […]

  • Restricting search indexing to sections of a web page

    If you think about websites as having different page types, with each page type having different sections within it, such as content sections, navigation sections, and footer sections, it becomes apparent that the value of a particular page is defined by the content on the page that is unique to that page. Sections like footers […]

  • Web Site Visibility class

    Today I taught a course in Web Site Visibility. It was fun. It is really the first course I’ve been able to teach that I was actually able to draw heavily on my experience with the web. It was a small course, and I realized after talking with the participants that the name of the […]

  • Kudos to Johnson Consulting Network

    So as part of a competitive analysis for my company, I searched Google for “web consulting in lansing michigan”. And, the first response is to jcn.com. (Envision Internet Consulting made the 4th site slot) I searched for “internet consulting in lansing michigan”, and jcn.com shows up as the second response. The first is taken by […]