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  • My 2.5 days in San Francisco: MX 2010

    Saturday PM: Sunshine! I actually began to sweat under my blazer from the warm sun shining brightly through the window. I had arrived in San Francisco a little early on Saturday, dropped my suitcase off at the Intercontinental Hotel, and walked around the corner to a sandwich shop for a bite to eat and to […]

  • IUE2009: Now what?

    Now comes the after-conference exhalation. (And I just attended! Imagine the organizers.) My employer, Covenant Eyes, sent a small crew of people to the conference…8 of us in all. For all but me, it was the first time at any UX conference, and I think we all learned quite a bit. So now the question […]

  • IUE2009: A few photos from the last day

    I had a little break after Cora Bledsoe’s presentation, and took a few minutes outside. Just sharing a few photos.

  • IUE2009: Thursday’s tracks

    Okay, that was a great conference. The last day was built on parallel tracks of presentations, most were about an hour-long. I’m only going to write about 3 of the ones I attended. Now That I See It, Dan Klyn, Flannel In-House Recruiting, Cora Bledsoe, Quicken Loans Grown-Ups Guide to the Social World of Web […]

  • IUE2009: Keynote track, part 2

    The 3 afternoon presentations were top-notch. Feeling: What makes an engaging product experience? (Kumi Akiyoshi, Adaptive Path) How to do social media right in 2009 (Marta Strickland, Organic Detroit) Lessons learned from the world of game design (Lisa Mullinaux, pogo.com and Rich Briggs, Electronic Arts) The game design (3) presentation was the most stimulating. That […]

  • IUE2009: Keynote track

    Presentations this morning Threshold of Acceptable Usability Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? Bringing left-brain and right-brain together (or, the happy spot) Anatomy of a bus map There was an interesting hodge-podge of presentations at the Internet User Experience conference this morning. I suppose, relatively speaking, I’m an old-timer in this field…which is to […]

  • IUE2009: Field research class

    Today at the Internet User Experience conference I attended a field research class led by Danielle Gobert Cooley. The morning session was lecture and discussion on differences between lab-based research and field research, and some guidelines and tips on doing field research. Then we paired up and went out to observe some employees at Washtenaw […]

  • IUE2009: Use Cases and Scenario-Based Design

    Today at IUE2009, I attended an excellent workshop led by Jan Moorman on scenario-based design and use cases. My experience with use cases has been limited to what I’ve read from websites like AListApart.com, some select pages returned from Google searches, and snippets from books like Martin Fowler’s UML book and “Designing the Obvious” by […]

  • Next week: IUE2009

    I’ll be at the Internet User Experience 2009 conference in Ann Arbor, MI this week with a crew of coworkers. In addition to the conference itself on Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll attend 2 full-day tutorials: Use Cases in an Agile World Field Research for User Experience Design I’m looking forward to the events, and intend […]