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  • MS Access is my nemesis.

    So, I’ve been working on a project involving OLE data fields in MS Access (exported from SQL server tables). Simply put, the data went in, but it does not come out. Access has trapped the data and is holding it hostage. No ransom amount has been communicated. I take this to be extremely hostile. I…

  • Say goodbye, Netscape.

    Here’s the intro blurb from an MSNBC article: Is this the end of Netscape?By David Becker May 29

  • xsl to tranform xhtml pages

    I don’t know why it took me this long to realize this. I’ve been writing xhtml for a couple years now, and around the same time I started playing with xsl stylesheets, but it just occurred to me in a real way that I can probably use xslt to transform my xhtml pages (at my…

  • help design this page – calendar, y or n?

    As I’m slowly working through this new web page, I’m looking at each piece of the page. Right now I’m looking at the calendar. It’s kinda cool as it gives a visual representation of what days have entries. On the other hand, the Recent Entries right below it seem more informative to me. My rule…

  • search placement spam

    More spam in my inbox. This one leads with “Top Ten Search Engine Placement in 3-5 days Guaranteed!” A listing of Yahoo!,, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MSN, AOL Anywhere, AskJeeves, and altavista follows. There are how many ways to slice this lie open? Here’s one. How are you to get placed in the top 10…

  • kranzo design — the flash man

    Kyle Kranzo is a local Flash artist. If you want something done in Flash, check with him as I think he is taking new clients. Or, talk with me and I’ll see if I can hook you both up. I know Kyle as we both go to Riverview Church. He just started drumming with the…

  • couldn’t have said it better myself

    In a article, Search Results Clogged by Blogs, Pete Prodoehl (RasterWeb) is quoted: the trick to achieving prominent search rankings is fairly straightforward: “update frequently and provide good content.” Not that I’m doing this. The point is that web sites that actually have business objectives could take this and run with it.

  • Broadband over your electrical wiring

    CNN Technology article on broadband via electrical wiring. I’ve been watching this technology for a couple years. It’s good to see they are actually running trials in some cities.

  • Launched a site yesterday…

    I launched the Wieland-Davco web site yesterday. Have a look at it. The site seems to be moving slowly to me. Since it is using fewer files and those files are leaner, I suspect the server is having some issues.

  • Frontpage vs Dreamweaver

    For you web builders out there, here is one web builder’s comparison of FrontPage and Dreamweaver.