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  • Stories and kiddie-coffee

    I had the girls this weekend, and before I brought them back this evening, we went for kiddie-coffee at a Beaners. Or, the B as Lila calls it. Kiddie-coffee is, of course, a vanilla steamer, not too hot. So, we sat around the table, sharing a lemon scone, the girls dipping their fingers into the…

  • The U.P., land of penguins and icebergs.

    I was just eating dinner with Lila and she asked where I was born, as we had been talking about grandparents and how Chey and I are the children of Lila’s grandparents. “Way up north,” I said. She uses that phrase to tell people where Grandpa Ron and Grandma Donna live. Lila hunched her shoulders…

  • Truly, this is Chey’s daughter.

    For those of you who know Chey, you know she reads a lot. Really. I noticed a book in the shower this morning. Anyway, it seems Eva is picking up Chey’s affinity for books. She can’t read yet (she only 1.5 yrs). However, she often picks books up and flips through them, mumbling to herself…

  • Eva the aficionado

  • Beva the Great!

    I just wanted to share this with everyone: My daughter looks like Fred Sanford when she walks. It’s a stinking riot.

  • Pictures from when Lila was a newborn

    I just ran across some photos we had of when Lila was born. They’re on my old web space at MSU. Chey still had dreads at that point.

  • Cutie-Patootie

    We went to the Ingham County Fair. Hot. Blasted Hot. But we had fun. More pics coming soon (soon as I figure out how to size ’em and junk. Ha.)

  • Photo: Two Cute

  • A star is born!

    Look everyone! Lila is famous. We got to participate in the Michigan Parade today downtown with my parent’s dance troupe, Fantasia (that’s Fan-tas-eeya) for those who don’t speak spanish.

  • Rule # 14453.7.

    “Lila, give that to me,” Chey said, tiredly. “Sweet and sour sauce is not for drinking.”