The lesser of two evils is still evil

This was the conclusion of my last post on this topic:

To cast a meaningful vote at this stage, it must be for one of the two main candidates, informed by discerning the principles by which each will govern. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to, as much as I dislike it.

Since then more information has surfaced that further outs the deep ethical and moral problems that both Clinton and Trump have, highlighting for me just how much this isn’t about a Democratic or Republican platform being represented in the White House.

Rather I’m more concerned about how the character of Clinton/Trump foreshadows how the candidate will carry out actions as chief executive and influence national policy. This follows my earlier rationale of “discerning the principles by which each will govern,” and what I’ve discerned is troubling.

I expect a higher standard for the office than either candidate will meet. In my opinion, neither should be established as President of the United States.

Now, as a matter of my own personal integrity, I have a dilemma. Election Day is just a couple weeks away, but I cannot in good conscience vote for either candidate.

Do I have no option for a meaningful vote?

As an aside, I’ve been an independent for my whole voting life, but have leaned more to the conservative side. As such, I’ve generally looked to the Republican Party for a presidential candidate. I have to say, both parties have failed us. The Democratic Party leadership clearly has shown itself to be profoundly corrupt (thank you Debbie Wasserman Schultz), and the Republican Party leadership has shown itself to be spineless, sacrificing its principles in the presence of a giant.

Real leaders possess character and make the hard decisions based on solid principles. Their moral codes reflect a deep care for the well-being of others, instead of a moral code that swirls around selfish ego, fear, greed, and attachment to their own agendas. Where, oh where, are those leaders?

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