Where does chicken come from?

We were just eating our dinner of mac and cheese and baked beans, and Lila saw the piece of pork in the beans.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Pork,” I said. “Do you know where pork comes from?”

So ensued a conversation of how ham and pork are meat from a pig and how hamburger is meat from a cow.

Lila, for the record, was not impressed. She quickly claimed, “I will not eat any more of those sandwhiches!” But then I reminded her about her favorite sandwhich, a hamburger with extra pickles. “Extra pickles….” She bemoaned her decision and I thought she was reconsidering.

I turned to Eva and asked, “What about chicken nuggets, where do they come from?”

She turned her head slowly to me, her eyebrows furrowed and nose wrinkled, making a face at me.

“McDonald’s,” she slowly answered.

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