Shooting update

Adam, Andy, and I went out shooting again today. It was a beautiful day for it: just a little windy, blue sky, and up in the fifites, I think.

I shot my Clark .45 for the first time in a very long time, and shot some okay groups. There were a few in the white, but most of the shots were in the black.

And, I shot my best timed fire score, a 97, since I’ve started shooting again. I had three nines and seven tens–I don’t remember how many Xs. We started at fifty yards, and I had some acceptable slow fire targets in the mid-eighties.

Both Adam and Andy also shot very well. It looks to me like each time we’ve gone out shooting, their groups get tighter and the fliers become fewer.

One response to “Shooting update”

  1. So,

    You concede that I still had some fliers. I say, “The handicap lives!” How about 6 points per target, for now (12 per target for slow fire.)

    And, by my showing on the .45, I’ll settle for a 60 point handicap (unless you get bonus points for hitting wood 🙂

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