The garbage disposal unit in our sink was leaking. I did not know it, really, until about three weeks ago (Self: Yeah, so why didn’t you fix it then. Self: Can it.) I finally realized it one day when I opened up the cupboard beneath the sink to get a garbage bag, and I smelled rotting wood.

This is a smell I’ve not smelled for years, probably because I’ve not been able to smell for years.

Anyway, this morning I looked in the SBC Yellow Pages (So, wow, SBC is buying AT&T? That’s stinkin’ huge!) for plumbers, called a few for quotes, and decided on Jenk’s Brothers Plumbing and Heating.

I was very happy with the service. The plumber, Scott, entertained my notion of fixing the leak by trying to reseal the connection between the disposal unit and the sink. After removing the unit, applying sealant, reinstalling the unit, and testing, we found that the leak still leaked. Okay, I say “We” but really he did everything. Thankfully. I’d still be under the sink, otherwise.

So, I bought a new disposal unit from him, and he installed it. The leak is fixed and we now have a better disposal unit. And it has a two-year warranty.

The final bill was under $160. That’s $100 less than the nearest estimate I received, which was from Michigan Plumbing. I won’t even mention the bullion Meridian Plumbing was offering to take from me.

So, thanks Scott and Jenks Brothers.

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  1. Had I been in the area, I could have offered my services for a substantially lower cost. However, living 500 miles away kind of puts the damper on that.

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