Eh. . .What was that, sonny?

Sandy Clouthier asked me if I remembered what life was like before I had kids. I said no.

My kids are under 5. I really can’t remember. I think that I was about to become someone that I could like and be proud of. Someone who could earn a living and who could be witty and charming. Someone who was skinny (alright, skinnier) and who could cook great food and entertain. Someone who could go out to the bar after work and fly all over the country to conferences. Someone who could be intelligent and coherent when presenting; a world changing academic marvel.

And now I am. . .someone who changes poopy diapers in her lap. Someone who can actually remember the dosages for tylenol, ibuprophen, and robitussin for everyone under 200lbs. Someone who may dice your food for you before you eat. I may also offer you a hanky, say “you need to eat more,” and wonder why you don’t call more.

It’s an interesting change. I can dig it. Sometimes.

2 responses to “Eh. . .What was that, sonny?”

  1. ” a world changing academic marvel.
    And now I am. . .someone who changes . . .”

    So you are changing the world, or at least part of it.

  2. I like the change. Motherhood done you good. However, it is the Essence of Chey that I have loved all along, and that has not changed.

    You know, I hate to cook because I don’t like having to work for my food. Dicing is a lot of work too, but I never considered having anyone do it for me! What a great idea!

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