No man is an island. . .

OK, so my computer has developed a weird aversion to Blogspot websites. i was trying to comment on Suzanne’s site about Dan’s talk today (She said: “that man never ceases to amaze me.” and I wanted to say, “He apparently amazes many people. When Dan said he had a wife the people sitting in front of me looked at each other in disbelief and set to discussing his age.”) but i cannot get my safari to open her comment page. It balks on all the Blogger blogs but after a few tries the call usually goes through.

I thought at first it was my ethernet cord, which, with 2 children and a laptop, takes quite a beating. But then i noticed that i never have trouble getting to any other blog or site unless it’s on blogger.

Many people are on blogger.

I am loathe to return to the land of IE (internet explorer) and I can’t imagine why safari would do this to me. Wasn’t OSX supposed to end all my computer woes and lead me to the promised land? Free Me, NEO!

Anyway, I got a new job and maybe i’ll get an airport card and then life will be good again. Right?


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  1. Btw, I need a sitter. For the 2 kids. Monday, Wednesday and Friday all summer and fall. There’s even money this time.

  2. It’s a blogger problem, not a Safari problem. I have had that problem with 4 browsers on 2 operating systems over the last week.

  3. yep. it’s a blogger glitch. I got the same issues. I find if I just hit refresh a couple times, it usually pops in.

  4. Ok, I’ll keep trying. Just one more reason to defy conformity and break out on your own. No Blogger. No.

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