Moving on up. . .

So, guys, what do you think? I’m thinking of divesting. I have this (and I already see the irony) spot free on blogger that is mine. . .all mine. . .Moohahahaha! and so I thought I might move. You know give Davin back his spot. regain some personal identity. No. never mind. don’t need that.

anyway, many of you know that I find blogger and Xanga and others to be frustratingly overcomplicated and sorta proprietary. So why move, you ask? Well, thank you Jeeves, it’s a good question. I think I might like the solitude. I don’t know. It would definitely be a different kind of thing than this. More personal maybe. More contemplative perhaps. maybe even more, can we say, interesting. Who knows?

What do you think? “A New Place?”

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