If I had a hammer. . .

So I visited my first chat room. a Christian chatroom. And guess what. . .

I got blasted out of the water. really. I have never been so completely insulted in working memory. they threw scritpture at me and told me I was shameful.

I can’t describe how that feels. I have heard unbelivers talk about these experiences but never had to go through one myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover. I’m shaking.

It’s like a last resort, you know, and to have it go so very wrong and badly. . . Wow. Blasted out of the water. and then they went on talking about so and so’s dress today. I wish I could express. . . .

5 responses to “If I had a hammer. . .”

  1. What was the issue in the chatroom? And what does “shameful” mean?

    I’ve never been to a Christian chatroom but I don’t think I want to go. These people in the chatroom are people that don’t know you. There are people that do know you that like to chat in person. You should come over and chat and also help me with my plants.

    I think my garden is turning into a weed bed, but then again I’m not sure. I don’t know the difference between weeds and plants.

  2. Hey, that’s funny, I was “weeding” in our garden today and realized I’m not sure what weeds look like either. Crab grass, regular grass

  3. I am finished with the book! Maybe we could trade the girls for the book one day next week…

  4. christian chat rooms, yikes. good thing you’re still alive. don’t let those crazy christians try and “throw” anything at you. if it isn’t said in love and make you feel guided instead of “blasted” then it probably isn’t worthwhile anyways.

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